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30th July 2016 Saturday 6:37pm

Britain's Got Talent

Tuesday Amateur singers, dancers, comedians, magicians, ventriloquists and novelty acts perform for a live audience and a panel of three judges. If all three judges buzz them off they must stop their act.......

The Briefcase

Monday Twelve deserving Australian families are about to face this life-changing decision. When given a chance to help themselves, will they instead help a stranger in need? Each week we meet two families who are facing crippling financial troubles. Both families are in for the surprise of their lives when......

Love Child

Monday Just one month on and times they are a-changing. Shirley (Ella Scott Lynch) is confronted with a surprise return, and Matron (Mandy McElhinney) is determined to see the re-opening of Stanton House. Joan (Jessica Marais) struggles tohave it all and Annie (Gracie Gilbert) struggles to make ends meet. ......
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